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  • Brooke Buck


After the 5K and our family vacation, my health continued to become more and more of an issue. Baby was of course doing great, but I on the other hand was not. I started to feel more and more tired, dizzy, nauseous, stomach pains, headaches my hands and feet were beyond swollen- all making it difficult to get through the day. This felt different than my other two pregnancies. After trying my best to manage this, along with my doctors, the symptoms only seemed to worsen around Thanksgiving. I was sent from my OBGYN to the hospital for "extra care" not once, not twice, but three times in a two week span. Eventually my high blood pressure remained high and they diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia and admitted me to the hospital to delivery on Friday, December 6th. Two weeks before the baby's due date of December 20th. Rutledge Lance Buck, or as we call him "Ru" arrived just before midnight. Despite him being two weeks early, he still weighed 9 pounds. My symptoms started to decrease and after a short period on medications I was back to feeling more like myself.

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