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  • Brooke Buck

Baby's First 5k

Despite trying to stay somewhat healthy during this pregnancy, making some good food choices, as well as getting some regular exercise, I am slowing down more and more. I noticed this when I went to complete the 5k that had been rescheduled from December 2018 due to ice in Georgetown. I started off trying to run it but quickly discovered that a fast paced walk was best. I did complete the race and continue to try to balance what I can with this ever growing baby boy.

The last time I went to my doctor and personal trainer both vetoed me even attempting to run/walk the 12 miler I was scheduled to do in late August. I understand and after the difficultly of the 5k for me I agree. It's extremely difficult for me to put a goal on the back burner, but it is best for not only my health but also little Rutledge. Yes, we have chosen a name Rutledge Lance Buck! Rutledge from Charleston were my husband and I met, fell in love and got married. Lance comes from my late father law.

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