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Well, June 1st would have been a half marathon for myself, but unfortunately I had to defer it until next year. It was for two reasons: one being my knee continues to heal and should be back to 100% soon. The second reason is that I am now expecting........numero tres.

Yes, so this means that not only am I deferring the half, but also the full in Chicago. I have decided that due to the training scheduling increasing and the fact I will be 30 something weeks in October, it is not the best idea to move forward. This comes with a great deal of emotions for me since this was not planned and came as a surprise. The shock is reducing and I am getting more excited. We are slowing starting to gather baby items again and know that everything will work out in the end.

Despite the changes and adjustments, I am determined to complete the last race of the Baltimore B3 series. This will be a 12 miler in late August. I am not concerned about time; I just want to finish it and complete the series. It is hard enough for me to defer the other races. I will most likely be power walking! I am switching up my training to be able to handle the 12 miles at around 24 weeks pregnant in the dead of summer. Please pray for me with this one! :)

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