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  • Brooke Buck


Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Maternity leave is not restful. Nor on any level is it time to yourself. It's a continuous, overwhelming experience with anxiety and lack of ability to focus on anything except the new little one. Well, sometimes including the little one. In the past, I tended to always have grand ideas during my maternity leave. I could get caught up on certain shows, finish that training I need to for work, or finally finish updating the baby books from the older two children. Nope.....none of that happened. This maternity leave was very different from my other two: the Christmas holiday occurred, kids were off from school, and the family was planning on staying longer this time. It only took a few weeks before my anxiety started to get the best of me. I quickly learned that I needed a routine for both Ru and myself. It was hard to stay on the routine, but after a few weeks I was starting to feel more of a relief in my anxiety symptoms and in overall better spirits. I forget sometimes too but self care is truly so important.

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