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  • Brooke Buck

Journey to Chicago

In October 2018 Kati and I traveled to Chicago to support Kevin Parks for his very first marathon. Both Kati and I were impressed by his dedication to his training and wanted to be there in support. Afterwards, we decided to enter the lottery for the 2019 race to see if we would be selected. To our shock, we were. Therefore, the training must start! We took off the holiday season and planned to start training in the new year. Kati has been busy studying for her state boards, which she just PASSED! I wanted to start training sooner but broke my toe and needed to heal from that. My first 5K this year was harder than I thought, having a broken toe and all. I am now healed and back on track with the running and strengthen training. Follow my and Kati's journey to Chicago with weekly posts and pictures.

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