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  • Brooke Buck


Pain. It comes with training, the running to increase your mileage and the pace. I did not know what knee pain truly felt like until recently. Shortly after my last race my knee started becoming more and more painful with an intense shooting stabbing pain. After three doctor's appointments for this, I discovered that I not only experienced bursa of the knee, but also might have a meniscus tear. I am scheduled for a MRI this coming Sunday to evaluate the damage and figure out the next steps. For me, this setback is completely anxiety producing. I am worried about losing time and my pace getting slower instead of improving. The worrying has caused me to stress eat and not want to be as active due to the pain. I am looking forward to getting back on my feet starting with increased walking until I am cleared to run again. Despite this setback, I am learning to accept that I need to focus on motivation to complete my runs, instead of seeing only pacing time.

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