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  • Brooke Buck

St. Patty's Day 5k

BEFORE the Race:

It's race day and how am I feeling......nervous. Did I train enough, what if I would not have eaten the pizza last night? Is my toe healed enough? What's this weird pain on the side of my knee? What I do know is the weather is much better than the 27 degrees from last month. It's 41 today in Baltimore and I am as ready as I will be. I cannot control what I feel that I might not have done. What I can control is keeping focused on finishing and enjoying the sights of Baltimore. This is the first of three races I will be doing in Baltimore this year. This series is known as the B3 and it a great way to increase distance running over several months. Well, here goes.....

AFTER the Race:

Well, I can say that my time is slowly getting better. I also know that my knee pain is getting worse. After researching online it appears that I have runners knee. So now I am learning a great deal about how to stretch and cope with injuries. This is part of the process! I guess these will be my roadblocks and obstacles on the journey to Chicago. My next race will be in Baltimore again this coming April.

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