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  • Brooke Buck

The struggle is real...

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

In the mornings I struggle to wake up like most of us. I have never thought of myself as a morning person and would prefer to sleep in until at least 8am. Instead, I get up by 6am to get myself, kids showered dressed, fed and off to either work or school respectively. Days are long, so when do I find time for myself and to work towards running a marathon!? I needed help. Along with my already established support system: family, friends, therapist, co workers etc. I got a trainer. Meet Scott- my trainer to support and push me. I am seeing Scott twice per week for check-ins and strength training. Now I am getting to the gym at 500AM! Running and strength training. The days I do not work out with him it is like pulling teeth to get myself up and doing some sort of exercise. I have learned this week that if I am not getting my workout completed in the morning it does not happen. I am usually tired, and do not have the energy later in the day. In the mornings once I hit the snooze for the twice or even third time, I have to remind myself that this goal is important to me and that I need to push myself. It will only make me stronger in the end.

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