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Will I have to talk about things I don’t want to?


Your therapist will never push you to talk about things you’re not ready to. You know yourself better than your therapist does, so they trust that you will let them know if/when you are ready to discuss new topics. They may offer some gentle nudges if they think you are ready, but they will take your lead. How much you and your therapist focus on the past will depend on what the presenting concerns are and the approach you decide to take. Each person’s needs and issues are different.


What are the benefits to therapy?


Therapy is an opportunity for stepping away from your everyday life to devote time to recovering, healing, and finding meaning. It is absolutely an investment of time and money in yourself. Your therapist's hope is that you will find relief in speaking to a professional who is compassionate and non-judgmental, who can serve as a guide in the process of resolving difficult experiences, developing compassion for yourself and others, and getting past the places where you are stuck.


Do you accept insurance?


Yes, we are an in-network provider for the following insurance companies:


  • Carefirst

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO, HMO)

  • BCBS Federal Employee Program

  • Anthem

  • United Healthcare/Optum

  • Cigna


Please see the "Rates & Insurance" page for more details.


How do I schedule an appointment?


Simply go to the "Contact" page and/or email or call one of our therapists.

Are you accepting new clients?


Please email your therapist of interest to inquire about their current openings.

What can I expect from my first session?


During your first meeting, you and your therapist will discuss what brought you in for therapy and how they can be most helpful to you.

They will gather background information about you by discussing your life now and your experiences from the past.  

Your therapist will ask you what you hope to see differently in your life when your work together is successful. This is also a time for you to determine if your therapist is the right provider for your needs. You will have the chance to get a sense of who they are and whether you feel comfortable talking with them. 

If you and your therapist decide to embark on therapy, you will explore together how to approach it step-by-step and at the right pace so the process is effective, yet comfortable, at the same time.

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