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Polly Garcia, M.A, M.S, NCC, NASM, PN1

I believe in the power of feeling heard. As your therapist, my first priority will be to create a nurturing environment based on mutual trust where you can feel safe to discuss the things you deem important to you. 


My focus is primarily working with adults dealing with anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, family stressors, career challenges, and people looking to find a stronger mind/body connection. My theoretical approach is based strongly in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Using CBT with my clients means that some of the time will be spent exploring core beliefs, values systems, and how negative self-talk might be influencing present behavior. I also like to establish short and long-term goals with my clients and, together, discover ways in which to achieve them. However, all of that being said, every session is tailored to my client’s individual needs so I will always try to do what works best for you, based on your specific needs and wants.

Throughout my educational and professional career, I have always worked to better understand people and to develop ways to use that understanding to improve their overall quality of life. I believe strongly in the mind body connection. My background in personal training and health coaching taught me that a person's physical health can be a direct reflection of his or her mental and emotional health. 

I earned my undergraduate degree in Communication from Clemson University and soon after an M.S. in Communication from New York University. I went on to graduate from Wake Forest University with an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health. Before pursuing a career in counseling, I worked as a personal trainer and health coach. Accredited with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I have worked in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years, working in several major cities including Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. 

I am honored to be a part of Cloud Break Therapy and am currently a resident in counseling under the professional supervision of Brooke Buck, LPC.

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