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Sarah Connelly, LCSW

Sarah is also part of Cloud Break Kids! Coming in early Summer 2023!

Nobody comes out of childhood without trauma (no matter how beautiful their childhood was!). That's because we all can get overwhelmed beyond our capacity to cope, which means any given moment can become traumatic depending on what we think of ourselves and the other experiences we’ve had in our lives. My goal is to help clients recognize and break out of the patterns of their past so they can build the life they want! I work with adolescents and adults (ages 13+) who have trauma-related concerns (ie. relationship issues, negative self-esteem) and are ready to process through their traumas so they can move forward.

I practice EMDR, a trauma-focused therapy model that establishes that most of the mental health symptoms we experience (ie. anxiety, intrusive negative thoughts) are the result of unprocessed traumatic memories. We will build trust, skills, and goals before coming up with a plan to desensitize unprocessed memories and triggers so they no longer bother you!

Trauma & trauma reactions impact nearly every aspect of our lives. It's our natural method of protecting ourselves, but it can take away from fully experiencing joy & life. I love working with trauma because there is no memory that cannot be processed! Which means therapy can lead to a life without emotional suffering. Reach out whenever you're ready!

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