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Sarah Connelly, LCSW

The focus of my practice is long-term trauma therapy to help youth recover from adverse childhood experiences. I work with youth (ages 3-20) who have trauma-related concerns, such as: relationship issues; difficulty regulating emotions; sleep disturbance; persistent feelings that something bad will happen; negative views of self, others or the world; attachment concerns; dissociation; intrusive thoughts about negative experiences; wanting to avoid thinking or talking about traumatic events. The ideal client and family are ready to start tackling the bad, sad, and scary things that have happened to them so they can move forward.

I begin with my clients and their caregiver(s) by giving them information to address trauma-related myths before helping them build coping skills (ie. relaxation skills, affect identification, cognitive coping). When we have built up enough trust, we move on to address the traumatic events that feel "stuck on replay," to desensitize the memories & symptoms.

Trauma can have many adverse effects if it goes untreated (ie. increased likelihood of substance use, risky sexual behaviors, self-harm). The good news is that if your child has experienced trauma, therapy can help them recover. Trauma diagnoses do not have to be permanent! Please reach out to take your first steps towards unloading the weight of the past.